Who we are.

Caretilt connects people in need of supplies with people that are willing to donate their supplies, the current CoViD-19 pandemic has taken us by surprise, and for people that are still out living their daily lives, especially healthcare workers, protection is monumental, in certain regions of the world medical supplies aren’t meeting the right hands, we hope to fix that problem with our listing platform, you can simply request or offer supplies or services and it’s entirely free to do so.
Our give and take concept applies to all. Anyone can submit a listing requesting supplies, if there isn’t someone that is donating supplies that you’re looking for, then we will try to connect with you someone that can help out. We’ll prioritize our front-line workers, but anyone is welcome to submit a listing requesting supplies or a service.
If you have any questions or concerns regarding CoViD-19 or Caretilt feel free to reach out to us.